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About The Book

"Transformation is a process that exchanges pain and hardship, for beauty and strength. A coal becomes a diamond and a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, but neither happens without a process. In life, we can be dealt some pretty hard blows that causes great pain and suffering. It may be issues such as abuse, rejection, poverty, trauma, sickness, loss of loved ones, low self esteem, broken relationships, betrayal or more. However, we can't live life according to our pain, we must heal. Our ability to process pain will determine how we grow into what God has predestined. Therefore, I invite you to process the pain of your past, so you can pursue purpose and partake in the promises that God has for you." 

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About The Author

Gwethalyn D. Burrell, also known to her listeners as Coach D, is a Mother, Licensed Ordained Minister, Life Coach and Human Resource Professional from Southern California. She is the founder of MCD Community Development Corporation and MCD Network, where she has hosted a radio broadcast called, Processing The Pain, for the past 7 years. This is her first published work of literature continuing the same theme. God has given Coach D a heart for people and a vulnerability that allows her to be transparent with her own life pains, in hopes that it will provoke others to process their pain. Join Coach D as you process through life’s pains, pursue purpose, and partake in the abundance of  God’s promises.


Gwethalyn D. Burrell