Welcome to MCD Network, home of MCD Ministries, MCD Community Development Corporation, and Processing the Pain. We believe that Love is contending for another's highest good in every situation until it becomes a manifestation. Love covers according to

1 Peter 4:8.  MCD Network and its family of entities are using love to share the gospel of the ultimate sacrifice of Love. 


Sharing through showing the Love of God to minister to the needs of the people, mind, body and spirit. Walking out daily Revelations 12:11, "they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the words of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death."

We are contending for the good of others! 

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Born and raised in Los Angeles to teen parents in the 60’s at a time where Civil Right Movements was visible. From Martin Luther King in Alabama to Watts Riots in Los Angeles. Gwethayn D Burrell fondly known as Coach D learned three things quickly;

  1. Fear 

  2. Fight 

  3. Flee 

Sad right? Yes, sad it was! Learning before she could even walk good, about domestic violence, sexual immorality and addiction. It was not uncommon being from a large family to see husbands and wives fussing and fighting generally during family functions where alcohol was present, judgment was cloudy, and tempers were flaring. This would produce a spirit of fear which would result in her learning quickly self defense through fighting with her fist and words. The old folks would call young girls with a sassy mouth "Fast".  Her Momma even in her youth knew where fast would lead her and soon moved the family to the suburbs of Los Angeles to Cerritos in the 70's. Coach D's life has taken a lot of twist and turns and with each the lessons have been great. Ultimately, in processing the pains of life, Coach D is a work in progress and continuously striving to become all that God created her to be. God has taken her approach from religion to relationship. 


Having a desire to see others process through life’s pains Coach D started the MCD umbrella that provides platforms, tools, resources, and help.     


A Mother, Licensed Ordained Minister, Certified Life Coach through Christian Business Ministries, a Business Major and a published Author. Coach D has a unique down to earth ability to deliver practical principles unto perception based on the word of God, that will encourage, empower and educate her listening audience.